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From readers and participants to the workshop

“These meditations focused on inner peace, purification and energy creation.
The material presented was solid. It was easy to pick up and practice.
Strongly recommended. ”


“The information given was new to me and the meditation opened unusual feelings and powerful connection.”

“The energy for this meditation was amazing”

“Thank you for the Diamond Meditation.
When we were doing the meditation, I saw this beautiful image of a big circle and  Bodhisattva Kwan Yin was in the centre of it.  She was going down and up twice while we were blessing the earth.
I’ve attached a picture of what I saw. My image was not in color.  The picture does not portray the big circle like the one in my image.
Afterwards when Ngoc Tran explained, how she is called “Quan Am” in Vietnamese and how “Am” connects to the Diamond meditation.  This was a lovely experience for me.
You are going through an amazing journey and I am glad I got to experience the Diamond Meditation with both you and Ngoc Tran.”

Picture from Cordon’s church (France)

“I enjoyed feeling the diamond expand. I went inside. Jesus was on the other side. The energy at the centre of the diamond was the same as the energy inside Jesus’s ❤️ . Thank you ! xo